First Bible of Charles the Bald

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Charles the Bald receives the book, in the presentation miniature (fol. 423)

The First[1] Bible of Charles the Bald (BNF Lat. 1) is a Carolingian-era Bible commissioned by Count Vivien in 845, the lay abbot of Saint-Martin de Tours, and presented to Charles the Bald in 846 on a visit to the church, as shown in the presentation miniature at the end of the book. It is also known as the Count Vivian Bible or the Vivian Bible. It is 495 mm by 345 mm and has 423 vellum folia.

It is also thought to be the third illuminated Bible to have been made at Tours following the Bamberg (Staatsbibliothek Bamberg Msc. Bibl. 1) and Moutier-Grandval (British Library Add MS 10546) bibles.


  1. ^ for disambiguation with the Second Bible of Charles the Bald, BNF Lat. 2, dated between 871 and 873.

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