First Bull Run Union order of battle

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The following units and commanders fought in the First Battle of Bull Run on the Union side. The Confederate order of battle is shown separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization[1] during the battle[2] and the reports.[3]

Abbreviations used[edit]

Organization of the Union Army of Northeastern Virginia in the First Battle of Bull Run

Military rank[edit]


Army of Northeastern Virginia[edit]

BG Irvin McDowell, Commanding

General Staff:

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     BG Daniel Tyler

First Brigade

   Col Erasmus D. Keyes

Second Brigade

   BG Robert C. Schenck

Third Brigade

   Col William T. Sherman

Fourth Brigade

   Col Israel B. Richardson

Second Division

     Col David Hunter (w)
     Col Andrew Porter

First Brigade

   Col Andrew Porter

Second Brigade

   Col Ambrose Burnside

Third Division

     Col Samuel P. Heintzelman (w)

First Brigade

   Col William B. Franklin

Second Brigade

   Col Orlando B. Willcox (w&c)
   Col J. H. Hobart Ward

Third Brigade

   Col Oliver O. Howard

Fourth (Reserve) Division[8]

     BG Theodore Runyon

no brigade organization

Fifth Division

     Col Dixon S. Miles

First Brigade[9]

   Col Louis Blenker

Second Brigade

   Col Thomas A. Davies


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  9. ^ In reserve at Centreville and not engaged in the battle proper. Had some skirmishing with the enemy while covering the retreat of the Army
  10. ^ This consisted of the field guns of the 8th New York Militia, manned by detachments from the 8th and 29th New York Volunteer Infantry