First Corps (Syrian rebel group)

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First Corps
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
  • 8th Infantry Brigade
  • 19th Infantry Brigade
  • 21st Infantry Division
  • 55th Infantry Brigade
  • 99th Infantry Division
  • Victory Division
  • Dawn of Liberation Division
  • Saladin Division
  • Knights of Freedom Division
  • Oasifat Free South Division
  • Sajeel Division
  • Company of Dignity Division
  • Harra Martyrs Brigade[1]
  • Wa'Aeddu Brigade[2]
Area of operations Southern Syria[3]
Part of Free Syrian Army
Southern Front[3]
Allies al-Nusra Front (previously)
Islamic Front
Opponents Syrian Armed Forces
National Defense Force
Battles and wars Syrian Civil War

The First Corps is a Syrian rebel coalition active during the Syrian Civil War. It is part of the western backed Syrian rebel Southern Front.[3] On 13 April 2015, it joined a number of other Southern Front affiliates in condemning al-Nusra's ideology and discontinuing all forms of cooperation with it.[4]

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