First Ladies and Gentlemen of Oklahoma

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First Gentleman of
Seal of Oklahoma.svg
Great Seal of Oklahoma
Wade Christensen

since January 10, 2011
Style Mr. Christensen
Residence Oklahoma Governor's Mansion
Inaugural holder Lillian Gallup Haskell
Formation November 16, 1907
Website Office of the First Lady[dead link]

The First Lady or First Gentleman of Oklahoma is the title held by the spouse of the sitting Governor of Oklahoma. The First Lady or First Gentleman serves as the official host of the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion. As of 2011, there have been 25 First Ladies and one First Gentleman.

The current (and 1st) First Gentleman of Oklahoma is Wade Christensen, husband of Governor Mary Fallin. First Gentleman Christensen has been in that position since his wife assumed office in 2011.


The position of the First Spouse is not an elected one, carries no official duties, and receives no salary. However, the First Spouse holds a highly visible position in state government. The role of the First Spouse is the host of the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion. He or she organizes and attends official ceremonies and functions of state either along with, or in place of, the Governor.

It is common for the Governor's spouse to select specific, non-political, causes to promote. For instance, former First Lady Kim Henry had taken up promoting early childhood education. Incumbent First Gentleman Wade Christensen has mentioned his platform to revolve around sports in rural Oklahoma.


Name Took Office Left Office Spouse Of
1 Lillian Gallup Haskell 1907 1911 Charles N. Haskell
Vacant 1911 1919 Lee Cruce[1]
Robert L. Williams[2]
2 Isabelle Butler Robertson 1919 1923 James B. A. Robertson
3 Madeleine Orrick Walton 1923 1923 John C. Walton
4 Lula C. Strang Trapp 1923 1927 Martin E. Trapp
5 Ethel Littleton Johnston 1927 1929 Henry S. Johnston
6 Amy Arnold Holloway 1929 1931 William J. Holloway
7 Mary Alice Hearrell Murray 1931 1935 William H. Murray
8 Lydie Roberts Marland 1935 1939 E. W. Marland
9 Myrtle Ellenberger Phillips 1939 1943 Leon C. Phillips
10 Grayce Breene Kerr 1943 1947 Robert S. Kerr
11 Jessica Grimm Turner 1947 1951 Roy J. Turner
12 Willie Emerson Murray 1951 1955 Johnston Murray
13 Emma Mae Purser Gary 1955 1959 Raymond D. Gary
14 Jeanette Bartleson Edmondson 1959 1963 J. Howard Edmondson
15 Donna Skinner Nigh 1963 1963 George Nigh
16 Shirley Osborn Bellmon 1963 1967 Henry Bellmon
17 Ann Smith Bartlett 1967 1971 Dewey F. Bartlett
18 Jo Evans Hall 1971 1975 David Hall
19 Janna Lou Little Boren 1975 1975 David L. Boren
20 Molly Shi Boren 1977 1979 David L. Boren
21 Donna Skinner Nigh 1979 1987 George Nigh
22 Shirley Osborn Bellmon 1987 1991 Henry Bellmon
23 Rhonda Smith Walters 1991 1995 David Walters
24 Catherine Heller Keating 1995 2003 Frank Keating
25 Kim Blain Henry 2003 2011 Brad Henry
26 Wade Christensen 2011 Present Mary Fallin


  1. ^ Governor Cruce was a widower at the time of taking office.
  2. ^ Governor Williams never married.

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