First Love (1970 film)

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First Love
First Love FilmPoster.jpeg
Film poster
Directed by Maximilian Schell
Produced by Barry Levinson
Maximilian Schell
Written by Screenplay:
Maximilian Schell
Ivan Turgenev
Starring Maximilian Schell
Dominique Sanda
John Moulder-Brown
Music by Mark London
Cinematography Sven Nykvist
Edited by Dagmar Hirtz
Release dates
  • 23 April 1971 (1971-04-23)
Country Switzerland
West Germany
Language German

First Love (German: Erste Liebe) is a 1970 film, written, directed, and starred in by Austrian director Maximilian Schell. It is an adaptation of Ivan Turgenev's homonymous novella starring Schell, Dominique Sanda, and John Moulder-Brown.


For plot details, see First Love the novella by Ivan Turgenev.



1971 Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film (Switzerland)[1]
1971 Won the "Film Award in Gold" for "Outstanding Feature Film"
  • San Sebastián International Film Festival
1970 Maximilian Schell Won the "Silver Seashell" award

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