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First National Bank Alaska (OTCQBFBAK) is an American bank founded in 1922 by Winfield Ervin, Sr., as First National Bank of Anchorage. The first branch stood on the corner of Fourth and G in Anchorage, Alaska.


In 1941, the bank was purchased by Warren N. Cuddy, who took over as president. Cuddy died in 1951, and his son, D.H. Cuddy, succeeded as president, a position he retains to this day. In 1960, First National opened Alaska's first drive-through bank. In September 2001, the bank's name was changed to First National Bank Alaska. The similarly named National Bank of Alaska had been absorbed into Wells Fargo in 2000.

In May 2007, Bauer Financial Reports gave First National a "five-star" rating, the highest such rating they offer. It is the 73 consecutive quarter First National has earned the five-star rating, the longest such streak of any Alaska bank. Because First National has maintained this rating in each quarter for at least 10 years, it also earned Bauer's distinction of an "Exceptional Performance Bank"

First National reported more than $2.27 billion in assets in its 2006 annual report. In April 2006, the bank opened its 29th branch in Glennallen.


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