First National Bank Building (Beaumont, Texas)

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First National Bank Building
Location 495 Orleans
Coordinates 30°04′58″N 94°05′57″W / 30.0829°N 94.0991°W / 30.0829; -94.0991Coordinates: 30°04′58″N 94°05′57″W / 30.0829°N 94.0991°W / 30.0829; -94.0991
Built 1937
Architect F.W. Steinman & Son and Fred C. Stone
Architectural style Art Deco
Part of Beaumont Commercial District

The First National Bank Building in downtown Beaumont, Texas was built in 1937 and is an excellent example of Art Deco architecture.[1] The building is four stories tall and decorated with reliefs of workers and business people designed by Beaumont-based sculptor Matchett Herring Coe.[2]

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