First Platoon

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Second Platoon
Directed byChris Gabriel
Produced byMichell Angelin
Written byChris Gabriel
StarringScott Gibson
Malcolm McDowell
Sid Haig
John Kassir
Arron Shiver
Jennifer Skyler
Music byBart Samolis
CountryUnited States

First Platoon is an upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie comedy film which is in pre-production. It was written and directed by Chris Gabriel, and Produced by First Earth Films and Laughing Jack Entertainment.


First Platoon centers around Rock Brannigan (Scott Gibson) and his ragtag squad of ex-military zombie hunters trying to make a living in the desert Southwest two years after the zombie apocalypse. Along the way, they encounter the grizzled Pa Jericho (Sid Haig), and the eccentric Rex Necro (Malcolm McDowell).


  • Scott Gibson as Rock Brannigan
  • Malcolm McDowell as Rex Necro
  • Sid Haig as Pa Jericho
  • John Kassir as Burke
  • Arron Shiver as Pete Davis
  • Jennifer Skyler as Molly McGuire
  • Ronni Lea as Tipper Davenport / Grabby
  • Numa Brelet as Syd Malice / Snappy
  • Robert Watts as Jackson Goldberg / Bitey


Writer/Director Chris Gabriel created First Platoon with the goal of staying true to classic zombie movies, such as the Living Dead films of George A. Romero in a way that traditional fans will revere, while still offering plenty of hilarity and action.[1] Originally slated to shoot in New Mexico, First Platoon will now be filmed on location in Southern Nevada,[1][2] with leading man Scott Gibson playing the role of Rock Brannigan (originally cast as Alan Tudyk[3]). In order to prepare for their roles, actors Scott Gibson,[4] Jennifer Skyler, and Arron Shiver will undergo military style training under the supervision of Capt. Dale Dye USMC (Ret.), who is the military adviser for the film.[5]


First Platoon was scheduled for release in 2013.[6]


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