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Parent company Network 18
Headquarters location Mumbai, India
Official website

FirstPost is an Indian news and media website. The site is a part of the Network 18 media conglomerate owned by Reliance Industries, which also runs CNN News18 and CNBC-TV18.[1]

It is one of India’s largest digital platform for news, analysis and opinions. With a strong focus on politics, sport, business, technology and entertainment, it has now transformed its image from a niche portal to a more youthful, social, opinion-led destination, with an excellent standing in social and shareable content. The Network 18 group was originally owned by Raghav Bahl. In January 2012, the group received a large investment from Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) through a rights issue up to 2,700 crore.[2]

Properties operating under Firstpost[edit]


In May 2013, the news group was merged with the Indian edition of Forbes whose four top editorial heads including editor in chief Indrajit Gupta were dismissed under surprisingly humiliating conditions.[3][4] The event led to a media furore.[5]

The editor of the combined Firstpost-Forbes India team, R Jagannathan, stated that as a business magazine, Forbes "should not be anti-capitalism".[6]

As of July 2017, BV Rao is the Editor of Firstpost in Mumbai, while Ajay Singh is the Executive Editor in Delhi and Jaideep Giridhar is the Deputy Executive Editor.


RedInk Awards[edit]

Firstpost bagged the RedInk Award for the coverage of the acute drought conditions in Maharashtra’s Marathwada district. The site covered the issue in a 13-part series which carries an in-depth analysis of the issue. Firstpost journalists Sanjay Sawant, Tushar Dhara, Neerad Pandharipande and Shraddha Ghatge conducted the issue.

The series gave a comprehensive view of the subject to the readers; right from the causes of the crisis to steps towards mitigation, solutions and the laws pertaining to the issue.

Facebook case study[edit]

Firstpost, after successfully leveraging Facebook Live as a tool to broadcast news on its platform during Assembly Elections, became the only Indian news portal to be mentioned in a global case study created by Facebook on publishers who have found great success with FB Live.

On May 19, Indians in five states cast votes to elect leaders to the Legislative Assembly. During the counting of votes, Firstpost turned its newsroom into a ‘digital television studio’, broadcasting live updates on its website and through Facebook Live from Guwahati, the NCR, Chennai, Trivandrum, Kottayam, and New Jersey.


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