First Pull Up, Then Pull Down

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First Pull Up, Then Pull Down
Live album by
ReleasedJune 1971
RecordedApril 1971 at Chateau Liberte, Los Gatos, California
GenreBlues rock
LabelRCA Victor
ProducerJorma Kaukonen
Hot Tuna chronology
Hot Tuna
First Pull Up, Then Pull Down
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Rolling Stone(not rated)[2]

First Pull Up, Then Pull Down is the second album by Hot Tuna, released in 1971 as RCA Victor LSP-4550. The album was recorded live with electric instruments, instead of the acoustic instruments used on the previous album, Hot Tuna. The album rose to No. 43 on the Billboard charts. In 1996, RCA released the CD box set Hot Tuna in a Can, which included a remastered version of this album, along with remasters of the albums Hot Tuna, Burgers, America's Choice and Hoppkorv. In Canada, the album reached No. 30 in the RPM Magazine charts where it was shown as Hot Tuna Electric Recorded Live.[3]

Track listing[edit]

Side one
1."John's Other" (instrumental)Papa John Creach8:12
2."Candy Man"Rev. Gary Davis5:44
3."Been So Long"Jorma Kaukonen3:42
4."Want You to Know"Bo Carter4:26
Side two
1."Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning"Davis8:08
2."Never Happen No More"Blind Blake3:47
3."Come Back Baby"traditional, arranged by Kaukonen9:28


Additional personnel
  • Will Scarlett – harmonica



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