First Shō Dynasty

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Hidari mitsudomoe.svg
FounderShō Shishō
Final rulerShō Toku
TitlesShui-tiin-ganashi (首里天加那志)

The First Shō Dynasty (第一尚氏王朝) was a royal house that ruled Chūzan, and later the Ryukyu Kingdom, reigning from 1406 until King Shō Toku's death in 1469.

In 1406, Bunei was overthrown and Shō Shishō became the nominal ruler of Chūzan, placed there by his eldest son Shō Hashi as part of a power bid to control Chūzan while giving an appearance to China of proper Confucian respect for one's elders. Shō Hashi conquered Hokuzan in 1416 and Nanzan in 1429, unified Okinawa successfully. He was given the surname Shō () by the Chinese Emperor, and changed the country name to the Ryukyu Kingdom.[1]

King Shō Toku died in 1469, and his offspring were killed in a coup d'état, following which the dynasty was succeeded by the Second Shō Dynasty.

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