First United Building

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First United Building
Regina Building and First United Building (Escolta, Binondo, Manila; 2014-11-07).jpg
Facade of First United Building (right)
First United Building is located in Metro Manila
First United Building
Location within Metro Manila
Alternative namesPerez-Samanillo Building
General information
Architectural styleArt deco
AddressEscolta Street
Town or cityBinondo, Manila
Coordinates14°35′55″N 120°58′46″E / 14.5987°N 120.9794°E / 14.5987; 120.9794Coordinates: 14°35′55″N 120°58′46″E / 14.5987°N 120.9794°E / 14.5987; 120.9794
Design and construction
ArchitectAndrés Luna de San Pedro

The First United Building, formerly known and still commonly referred to as Perez-Samanillo Building, is an Art Deco building on Escolta Street in Binondo, Manila, Philippines. It was designed by Andrés Luna de San Pedro, the son of renowned painter Juan Luna, and was the tallest building in Manila when it was completed in 1928.[1]


The First United Building was designed by Andres Luna de San Pedro with a rectangular plan. On the main facade is a central tower flanked by two chamfered corner towers on both ends of the building. The three towers have the same ornamental treatments of thin cylindrical moldings running up to the square plates and continued by beveled arches that relate to the windows at the sixth floor. There are octagonal windows flanked by stout finials above the arches. A pergola with protruding rafters originating from the girder connected the bevels.[1] The central tower which contains the main entrance of the building has a rigid arch and capped by elongated octagons that bordered a display. The parapet on the topmost part has floral arrangement on an urn with equally distant low-relief medallions. The main entrance is located below the central tower which leads to the elevator and the stairwell. The side towers are both cut in the corners to open up the intersection.


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