First Van Agt cabinet

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The First Van Agt cabinet, also called Van Agt-Wiegel cabinet, (1977–1981) was a right-wing coalition of the CDA and the VVD. The Labour Party was the largest party after the 1977 general election, but the demands of Labour leader Joop den Uyl were too great for Christian-Democrat Dries van Agt, who formed a coalition with right-wing liberal Hans Wiegel. The cabinet had to deal with a major economic depression, but refused to cut government spending due to fierce left-wing opposition in the parliament, which had nearly half of the seats. Many left-wing demonstrations were held on the street against the government. Notorious were the harsh demonstrations in Amsterdam during the crowning of queen Beatrix and the squatting riots. There was a sharp increase in unemployment and the government was seen to have created too much debt.