First Win

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First Win
Type Armoured personnel carrier
Place of origin  Thailand
Service history
Used by See Operators
Production history
Designer Chaiseri Metal & Rubber Company
Designed 2010
Manufacturer Chaiseri Metal & Rubber Company
Produced 2010 – present
Number built 21
Weight 9 Tonnes
Length 4.61 Meters
Width 2.2 Meters
Height 2 Meters

Engine Cummins Diesel Engine
197-215 hp
Transmission Allison automatic transmission
Suspension 4x4
Ground clearance 0.4 Meters
Speed 100 km/h

First Win is an infantry mobility vehicle with an all-welded steel V-shaped monocoque hull that provides high level protection against a variety of battlefield threats, including mines and improvised explosive devices.[1] Gross vehicle weight is about 9 tonnes and it can carry up to 10 troops plus driver.


The Royal Thai Army has officially announced a first batch order of 21 First Wins.[2] 5 additional First Wins are being negotiated for acquisition.[3] The Thai Ministry of Justice has officially ordered 18 First Wins [3] designated for the Department of Special Investigation.[4]

Chaiseri also plans to export the First Win to potential foreign customers.[5]


A 7.62mm or .50 machine gun can be mounted on the roof, while firing ports allow use of small arms from inside. Remote Weapon System can also be installed upon requirement.[6]

The First Win is powered by a Cummins diesel engine coupled with an Allison automatic transmission, providing maximum road speed of up to 100 km/h. The vehicle comes standard with powered steering, independent suspensions and run-flat tyres.


  • First Win: The original veriant.
  • First Win-E: a smaller variant, comparable to the HMMWV.


  • Royal Thai Army - 21 First Wins ordered in March 2012.[7] About 50 ordered in 2013. RTA's source has indicate interest in the smaller First Win-E. Other 200 confirmed ordered, at least 18 per year will be delivered.

Potential and future operators[edit]

  • Malaysian Army - Chaiseri is collaborating with Malaysian DRB-Hicom Defence Technologies (Deftech) on promoting the First Win as a replacement for the Malaysian Army's aging Rheinmetall Condor.[8][9]