First conflict in the Goryeo–Khitan War

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First conflict in the Goryeo–Khitan War
Part of Goryeo–Khitan War
Date November 993 - December 993
Location Northern Korean Peninsula
Result Khitan withdrawal
Goryeo Liao dynasty
Commanders and leaders
Seo Hui
Dae Do-su
Xiao Xunning
Unknown 60,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The First conflict in the Goryeo–Khitan War was a 10th-century conflict between the kingdom of Goryeo and Khitan (Liao dynasty) forces near what is now the border between China and North Korea. It occurred in 993 and was the first part of the Goryeo–Khitan War, which continued with a second conflict in 1010 and a third conflict in 1018.

In 993, the Khitan invaded Goryeo's northwest border with 60,000 troops. The Khitan withdrew and ceded territory to the east of the Yalu River when Goryeo agreed to end its alliance with Song China. However, Goryeo continued to communicate with Song, having strengthened its position by building fortresses in the newly gained northern territories.

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