First ministry of Louis-Philippe

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First ministry of Louis-Philippe
Royal Standard of Louis-Philippe I of France (1830–1848).svg
cabinet of France
Date formed 11 August 1830
Date dissolved 2 November 1830
People and organisations
Head of state Louis Philippe I
Predecessor Provisional Ministry
Successor Cabinet of Jacques Laffitte

The First ministry of Louis-Philippe was announced on 11 August 1830 by King Louis Philippe I two days after he had become king. It replaced the Provisional Ministry announced on 1 August 1830. On 2 November 1830 it was replaced by the Cabinet of Jacques Laffitte.


Louis Philippe did not designate a president of the council. Jacques-Charles Dupont de l'Eure, keeper of the seals as Minister of Justice, countersigned the ordinances issued by his colleagues. Victor de Broglie was president of the council of state. The ministers were:[1]

Ministers without portfolio were Casimir Pierre Périer,[2] Jacques Laffitte,[3] André Marie Jean Jacques Dupin ("Dupin the Elder")[4] and Louis Pierre Édouard, Baron Bignon,[5]


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