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First person or first-person may refer to:

  • First person, a grammatical person; in English: "I" or "me" (singular) and "we" or "us" (plural)
  • First person, an unofficial gender-neutral, marital-neutral term for the gendered title used for a spouse or life partner of a non-monarchical head of state (i.e. a first lady or first gentleman)
  • First-person interpretation, a technique used in "museum theatre" (the dramatic presentation of museum materials to visitors)
  • First-person narrative, a story whereby the narrator is speaking or writing for and about themself
  • First-person (video games), a graphical perspective used in video games where all action is seen as if through the eyes of a character in the story
  • First Person (1960 TV series), a Canadian dramatic television series
  • First Person (TV series), an interview-based American television series created by Errol Morris
  • First-person view (radio control), a method of piloting a radio-controlled vehicle using a wireless video camera in the vehicle

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