Princess Firyal

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Princess Firyal
Princess of Jordan
Princess Firyal.jpg
Born Jerusalem[1]
Spouse Prince Muhammad bin Talal
Issue Prince Talal
Prince Ghazi
Father H.E. Farid al-Rashid
Mother Farida Fahoum al-Rashid

Princess Firyal is a Jordanian princess, humanitarian, patriot and philanthropist schooled in Jordan, Lebanon, and Columbia University.[2] Married to Prince Muhammad bin Talal, younger brother of the late HM King Hussein of Jordan for seventeen years, she is the mother of Prince Talal and Prince Ghazi. She has been a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador since 1992,[3][4] for whom she works on programs for education and protection of world heritage. HRH is a board member at the International Rescue Committee (IRC),[5] New York Public Library,[6] and a wide range of museums and universities such as member of the Dean's Council at Harvard Kennedy School.[4]


Early life and education[edit]

Princess Firyal of Jordan with Prince Muhammad bin Talal and their sons Prince Talal and Prince Ghazi.

Firyal Irshaid was born in Jerusalem[1] is the daughter of the late Farid Irshaid, a political leader who served as a Minister in the Government and a Parliamentarian in the Senate in Jordan. Her mother Farida was Chair of the Red Crescent Society in The West Bank.[7]

Princess Firyal attended Berzeit College. She studied for two years at the American College for Women in Beirut prior to her marriage; she resumed her studies and earned a bachelor's degree from Columbia University School of General Studies in 1999.[8]


The Princess was appointed a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1992.[9] Three years later, in 1995, she was appointed Special Advisor to the Director General of UNESCO. She works primarily on programs for protection of world heritage and education.[10]

In Jordan, Princess Firyal became active in relief work in refugee camps. She worked for the literacy programs with the nomadic Bedouin tribes. Princess Firyal also established the family planning program.[11]

Princess Firyal launched the International Hope Foundation under the UNESCO umbrella in 1994 for the benefit of homeless and street children.[12]

The princess's philanthropic positions and credentials include:



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