Firzovik Detachment

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Firzovik Detachment
Firzovik Müfrezesi
Active 1912–
Country Ottoman Empire
Allegiance Vardar Army
Size Detachment
Garrison/HQ Firzovik (present day: Uroševac)
Patron Sultans of the Ottoman Empire

The Firzovik Detachment of the Ottoman Empire (Turkish: Firzovik Müfrezesi) was one of the Detachments under the command of the Ottoman Vardar Army of the Western Army. It was formed in Firzovik (present day: Uroševac) area during the First Balkan War.

Balkan Wars[edit]

Order of Battle, October 19, 1912[edit]

On October 19, 1912, the detachment was structured as follows:[1]


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