Fish Heads (song)

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"Fish Heads"
Single by Barnes & Barnes
from the album Voobaha
B-side "High School Gym"
Released 1978
Label Lumania Records
Writer(s) Barnes & Barnes

"Fish Heads" is a novelty song by comedy rock duo Barnes & Barnes, featured on their 1980 album Voobaha.[1] It has often been played on the Dr. Demento show, and is the most honored song in Demento show history.[2]

The song is about fish heads and all the things they can (or, more often, cannot) do, such as playing baseball, wearing sweaters, dancing, playing drums, or being seen drinking cappuccinos in Italian restaurants with Oriental women. It is accompanied by a high-pitched chorus, achieved by speeding up the tape, which repeats the original's chorus.

Actor Bill Paxton directed and appeared in the music video for the song, which aired on NBC television on Saturday Night Live, on December 6, 1980. Dr. Demento had a cameo as the bum.


  • Wild Man Fischer released a cover of "Fish Heads" on his album Pronounced Normal.
  • Eagle-Eye Cherry released a cover of "Fish Heads" as a Desireless B-side.
  • Buck 65 recorded a cover of "Fish Heads" put to the music of Wire's "Three Girl Rhumba". The cover appears on a 2007, tour-only CD-R titled, Heck.