Fish River (Namibia)

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Fish River (Namibia)
Fish River Namibia.jpg
The Fish River in August during winter.
Country Namibia
Landmark Fish River Canyon
 - location Near Mariental
Mouth Orange River
Length 650 km (404 mi)

The Fish River (Visrivier in Afrikaans, Fischfluss in German) is a river in Namibia. It is 650 km long, flowing from the Naukluft Mountains[1] 150 km to the Hardap Dam near Mariental. From there the flow is entirely blocked,[1] all further flow downstream coming from tributaries downstream from the dam. The flow of the river is seasonal; in winter the river can dry up completely. Despite this, the river is the site of the spectacular Fish River Canyon, a canyon 160 km long, and at points as much as 550 m deep.

The outflow of the Fish River joins the Orange River at the border with South Africa about 100 km from the Atlantic Ocean.


Coordinates: 28°08′S 17°11′E / 28.133°S 17.183°E / -28.133; 17.183