Fish River (Oberon)

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Fish River
Fish River Creek[1]
Perennial stream
FishRiver OberonNSW at OConnell 2013 02 24.jpg
Fish River, pictured near O'Connell, 2013
Name origin: the amount of fish in the river[1]
Country Australia
State New South Wales
IBRA South Eastern Highlands
District Central West
Municipality Oberon
Part of Macquarie catchment, Murray–Darling basin
 - left Campbells River
 - right Duckmaloi River
 - location near Shooters Hill
 - elevation 1,160 m (3,806 ft)
Mouth confluence with the Macquarie River
 - location near White Rock
 - elevation 668 m (2,192 ft)
Length 119 km (74 mi)
Reservoir Lake Oberon

Fish River, a perennial stream[1] that is part of the Macquarie catchment within the Murray–Darling basin, is located in the central western district of New South Wales, Australia.

The Fish River rises on the plateau south east of Oberon, and flows generally to the north-west, becoming the main headwater of the Macquarie River just east of Bathurst. The river is impounded by a reservoir near Oberon which supplies water for the region. The Fish River descends 493 metres (1,617 ft) over its 119 kilometres (74 mi) course.[2]

The Fish River was given its name by George Evans in 1813, because of the large number of fish they found in it, being a rare permanent stream.[1]

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