Fish out of Water (game)

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Fish out of Water is a swimming pool game.


To begin the game, one player must be picked as the game's searcher. This swimmer must close his or her eyes when surfacing from under the water, but, at the same time, he or she is allowed to open the eyes when under the water. The purpose of the game is to catch another swimmer when the other swimmer is out of the pool. When a player suspects another of being out of the pool, they exclaim: "Fish out of water!" Then, the swimmer who got caught must become the next searcher. The only exception that the swimmer won't get caught is when he or she has one part of his or her body part in the water.

There are winners in the game, to win you must get out of the water without being called by yelling as loud as you want "haha I won you did not catch me I'm a fish out of the water"

Other Uses[edit]

This could be used for a game of silent Marco Polo