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The smallest Potter 25 alongside a Fisher 46 at a Fisher meeting, 2005

The Fisher line of motorsailing yachts is a line of fiberglass yachts in sizes from 25 feet to 46 feet. Designed in the UK and built by Fisher Yachts International in association with Neil Marine in Sri Lanka, one of Asia's largest ship builders.

Short history[edit]

Fisher 37 on her way

The first Fisher yachts were built in the 1970s and today the yachts can still be ordered, but only the most popular models—25, 34, 37 and 46 feet long are still available. During the earlier years, the fiberglass hulls were molded by Fairways Marine and several companies completed the hull to complete ships. Currently the shipyard does all work itself.

The Fisher 30 was a popular model, but isn't produced anymore as the building costs are too high for the size.

As it turns out, today (Jan 2012) the whole Fisher line is actually discontinued. The builder (Northshore shipyard at Itchenor) sees future in Southerly range of swing-keeled yachts.

Latest news (Feb 2013): Northshore still builds Fishers - to order only (as it was before).

Latest news (January 2014): The moulds for the Fisher range of motor sailers have now been sold and acquired by Neil Marine, Asia's most successful boat builder, in association Fisher Yachts International the new Parent company for Fisher Yachts. They will be renovated and thoroughly updated ready to return to production late in 2014. The range can be seen on There is more information on The designs will be updated and improved by the original designers, Wyatt and Freeman. The first new model will be a revised Fisher 25 with a much improved interior layout and a modernised specification, as well as a large mast and greater sail area, which will improve her sailing performance.


The Fisher line is easy recognizable—the professional looking wheelhouse and a hull resembling (Danish) fishing ships with rounded stern and high water displacement. The double masts with Ketch sailplan is another distinctive feature of the line.


The smallest model Fisher
Note the straight stern
The largest model Fisher

Over the years the following models have been produced. The number refers to the length of the yacht in feet. [1][2]

  • Fisher 25: The smallest member and only type with straight stern (approximately 250 made)
  • Fisher 30: For several years the most popular model
  • Fisher 31: The intended successor of the 30, but not a commercial success
  • Fisher 34: Currently one of the most wanted models (over 100 produced)
  • Fisher 37: The larger version of the 34 (140)
  • Fisher 46: The longest model. 16 ships built, the latest completed in 2007.

Beside these standard models some other types were available based on the Fisher design:

  • Potter 25: seen as a full member of the Fisher family: a Fisher 25 without the raised main cabin resulting in a larger work deck directly in front of the wheelhouse. Has only one small mast; misses the main mast.
  • Catfisher 28: catamaran version.
  • Northeaster 30: (discontinued) based on the Fisher 30 but with longer and different design of wheelhouse. Has also an aft cabin but no open cockpit.
  • Caribbean 30: (discontinued) Another Fisher 30 based yacht, but instead of larger wheelhouse: no wheelhouse at all. Sailing and steering is done from the protected open cockpit.
  • Trawler: Based on the hull and wheelhouse design pure motorships.
  • The Barlow 32: an Australian built yacht inspired by the Fisher line. Designed by Malcom Barlow from Australia

Owners around the world[edit]

As the Fisher is designed for cruising all waters, you can find the yachts all around the world. In England, the Netherlands, and Canada, there are active owners' associations.[1][3]


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