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Fisher Community Unit School District 1 is a unified school district located in the village of its namesake, Fisher, Illinois; the village, in turn, is located in the northwestern reaches of Champaign County. Fisher Community Unit School District 1, a district of just under 700 students,[1] is composed of two schools: one consolidated elementary and middle school, and one consolidated junior and senior high school. the first branch of education that can be taken in District 1 will be taken in Fisher Grade School, a school that serves first through sixth graders alongside kindergarteners; the current principal is James Moxley;[2] the mascot of the school is the scottie. Education is continued and completed at Fisher Junior/Senior High School, which builds on the education of those attending on grades seventh through twelfth. The principal of the junior senior high school is Steven Wallick,[3] and the school mascot is the bunny. The current superintendent of the district is Barb Thompson.[4]

The junior senior high school sports a quizbowl team, and student volunteers perform a play yearly before their classmates.[5] It also sports a student council, a yearbook committee known as "Echo," and a mathematics club, among others.

The district's first school were constructed in 1885 on the present site of the high school at a cost of $5000.00 USD, and it was known as Fisher Grade and High School until the construction of the present grade school in 1914 separated the grades and created a greater sense of efficiency in the district.[6] The creation of Fisher Grade and High School in 1885 obsoleted the twenty-three one room schoolhouses that dominated the region of Champaign County at the time.[7]

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