Fishermen's Bend Aerodrome

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Fishermen's Bend Aerodrome is a former aerodrome located at Fishermen's Bend, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The aerodrome served the Australian Governments Department of Aircraft Production and the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation plants. Due to the newer jet aircraft proposed to be built requiring longer runways for safe operations, the Fishermans Bend runways were not able to be extended as the aerodrome had been encroached upon by development. Avalon Airport was opened in 1953, to cater for the production of jet military aircraft.[1]

The airfield was also used for motorbike races in August 1948 then cars from 1949 until it closed down in 1957. Subsequently the airstrip was used for organised drag racing until at least 1967 (possibly later) at which time AA class fuellers raced along with funny cars in times approaching 10 secs for the 1/4 mile track.


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