Fishers Peak

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Fishers Peak
Fishers peak.jpg
View of Fishers Peak from Trinidad, Colorado
Highest point
Elevation9,633 ft (2,936 m) [1][2]
Prominence1,847 ft (563 m) [3]
Isolation30.98 mi (49.86 km) [3]
ListingColorado prominent summits
Colorado range high points
Coordinates37°05′54″N 104°27′46″W / 37.0982085°N 104.4627796°W / 37.0982085; -104.4627796Coordinates: 37°05′54″N 104°27′46″W / 37.0982085°N 104.4627796°W / 37.0982085; -104.4627796[1]
Fishers Peak is located in Colorado
Fishers Peak
Fishers Peak
LocationLas Animas County, Colorado, United States[4]
Parent rangeHighest summit of Raton Mesa[3]
Topo mapUSGS 7.5' topographic map
Fishers Peak, Colorado[1]
Easiest routehike

Fishers Peak is the highest summit of Raton Mesa in the Rocky Mountains of North America. The prominent 9,633-foot (2,936 m) peak is located 5.5 miles (8.8 km) south by east (bearing 163°) of the Town of Trinidad in Las Animas County, Colorado, United States. Fishers Peak is higher than any point in the United States east of its longitude.[1][2][3][4]


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