Fist for Fight

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Fist for Fight
Sabaton FistForFight.jpg
Underground Symphony edition cover
Demo album by Sabaton
Released 2001
Recorded 2000
Genre Power metal


41:00 (2007 reissue)
Label Underground Symphony
Producer Sabaton
Sabaton chronology
Fist For Fight
Primo Victoria

Fist for Fight is a demo album by Swedish power metal band Sabaton. It is actually a compilation of two demo recordings made between 1999 and 2000 that the band later self-released on one disc. In 2001 it was re-released as a digipak under license by the Italian record label Underground Symphony. Now out of print with no plans to be re-issued separately, it has been included as a bonus disc on the belatedly-released Metalizer album in 2007, with the addition of a previously unreleased track.
The album artwork is by long-time Manowar collaborator Ken Kelly.

No. Title Length
1. "Introduction" (Intro track.) 0:53
2. "Hellrider" 3:45
3. "Endless Nights" 4:48
4. "Metalizer" (Lyrics allude to heavy metal music.) 4:42
5. "Burn Your Crosses" (Song is about the Renaissance. Lyrics make criticisms of Christianity.) 5:27
6. "The Hammer Has Fallen" (Lyrics are about a man committing suicide. The only song that didn't get re-recorded for Metalizer.) 5:46
7. "Hail to the King" 4:09
8. "Shadows" (Lyrics are about the Nazgûl from Lord of the Rings.) 3:32
9. "Thunderstorm" (Lyrics allude to Norse mythology.) 3:07
10. "Masters of the World" 3:57
11. "Guten Nacht" (Outro track, 30 second silence from 1:11, then the Oriental riff plays as a hidden track.) 1:53

Album line-up[edit]

  • Joakim Brodén - Vocals, Keyboards
  • Rickard Sundén - Guitars
  • Oskar Montelius - Guitars
  • Pär Sundström - Bass
  • Richard Larsson - Drums

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