Fitch (surname)

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Family name
Fitch family coat of arms.png
Fitch family coat of arms
Pronunciation Fitch
Region of origin England
Related names Fytche, Ffytche, Fitche, Fitcher, Fittje, and Fitchy
Footnotes: [1]

Fitch is a family name of Old French origin. Like most ancient surnames, there are a number of possible origins to the name. It may originate from the Old French word fissell meaning "an iron-pointed implement".[1] It may also derive from William de Gernon who inherited the barony of Stansted Mountfitchet in Essex, England and took the surname "de Montifitchet". His descendants eventually shortened the name first to "Fitche" and then to "Fitch".[2]

Related names include Fitchet, Fitchell, Fitchen and Fitchett, as well as others. Earliest records show the name and derivatives occurring from the 12th century onwards. It may also have been used as a personal name.[1]


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