Fitri (TV series)

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Created byTitin Suryani
Written byTeam Verona
Directed bySanjeev Kumar
Opening themeRossa, Hati Tak Bertuan
Ending themeRossa, Hati Tak Bertuan
Country of originIndonesia
Original language(s)Indonesian
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes4
Executive producer(s)Dwi Ilalang
Producer(s)Titin Suryani
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)Verona Pictures
Original networkANTV
Audio formatStereo
Dolby Digital 5.1
Original release12 June 2019 –
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Fitri[1] is an Indonesian romantic drama television series produced by Titin Suryani under Verona Pictures.[2][3] It premiered from 12 June 2019 on ANTV. It stars Audi Marissa and Christ Laurent as Fitri and Davi in the lead role.[4][5][6] The first promo of this show was released on 30 May 2019.[7]


Hilda (Andi Soraya) who was forced to treat Fitri (Audi Marissa), a child from her husband's affair. 21 years passed, Hilda who lived all the way in the middle of being caught in debt to Darma (Dwi Yan). Because Hilda was unable to pay her debt, Darma asked Fitri to Hilda to become his second wife. Hilda tries to manipulate Darma by submitting her own child, Nina (Lidi Brugman) in the hope that the inheritance from Darma can be obtained in Nina's name, but destiny says something else and makes Fitri forced to marry Darma. Darma's first wife, Bilqis (Unique Prissila) who did not receive it was joined, often torturing Fitri physically. Fitri also got harassment from 3 young men and Darma who saw the incident was angry and unwilling to accept Fitri again. Amid his sadness, Fitri met Davi (Christ Laurent) who he did not know that Davi was a child of Darma and vice versa. Until one day Davi who had begun to fall in love with Fitri learned that Fitri was his stepmother. Fitri also had to survive his life through dark times and also found his true love.



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