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Family name
Meaning son of ...
Region of origin England
Related names Fitz-Alan, Fitzalan, Fitzallen, Fitz Alan
Coat of Arms of the FitzAlan family

FitzAlan is an English surname ultimately of Norman-Breton origin. The family originated in Brittany, in France, and shared common ancestry with the Scots royal Stewarts. They were descendants of the eponymous Alan fitz Flaad grandson of the Seneschal of the Bishop of Dol. The FitzAlans held the earldom of Arundel during the period 1267 - 1580. Variants include Fitz-Alan, Fitzalan, Fitzallen, Fitz Alan, as well as the locational variants Arundel and Arundell because of the earldom. People with the surname include:[1]


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