Fitzroy River Barrage (Queensland)

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Fitzroy River Barrage
Location Rockhampton, Queensland
Coordinates 23°21′39″S 150°29′53″E / 23.3608°S 150.498°E / -23.3608; 150.498Coordinates: 23°21′39″S 150°29′53″E / 23.3608°S 150.498°E / -23.3608; 150.498
Type reservoir
Basin countries Australia

The Fitzroy River Barrage was finished in 1970 after four years of construction, to meet the long term water supply needs of Rockhampton. It holds around 80,000 megalitres of water. It is owned and operated by Fitzroy River Water, which is a commercial business activity of the Rockhampton Regional council.[1]

There are 18 gates on the barrage that are computer operated to open up one by one when water gets to a certain level, although it would only be in times of flood that all 18 gates would open.

The barrage also incorporates a fish ladder to allow fish to get from the tidal water to the fresh water and vice versa.


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