Fitzwilliam Owen Island

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Fitzwilliam Owen Island
LocationNorthern Canada
Coordinates77°7′2″N 113°47′10″W / 77.11722°N 113.78611°W / 77.11722; -113.78611 (Fitzwilliam Owen Island)Coordinates: 77°7′2″N 113°47′10″W / 77.11722°N 113.78611°W / 77.11722; -113.78611 (Fitzwilliam Owen Island)
ArchipelagoQueen Elizabeth Islands
Canadian Arctic Archipelago
TerritoryNorthwest Territories

Fitzwilliam Owen Island is an island of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, specifically of the Parry Islands subgroup of the Queen Elizabeth Islands. It belongs to the Northwest Territories, Canada. It lies just west of Eight Bears Island, south-west of the Ballantyne Strait. It is roughly halfway between Mackenzie King Island (to the north-east) and Emerald Isle (to the south-west).

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