Fiume di Girgenti

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Coordinates: 37°16′40″N 13°35′2″E / 37.27778°N 13.58389°E / 37.27778; 13.58389

Fiume di Girgenti is located in Italy
Fiume di Girgenti
Fiume di Girgenti
Location in modern Italy
The Sant'Anna (or Drago) to the west, and the San Biagio to the east, join to form the Fiume di Girgenti south of the ancient site of Agrigento

The Fiume di Girgenti is a short river formed to the south of the ancient Sicilian city of Agrigento by the confluence of two streams: the Sant'Anna (or Drago; the ancient Hypsas) and San Biago (the ancient Acragas). It follows a course of about a mile before entering the sea at San Leone, a suburb of the modern Agrigento.[1]


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