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Origin Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.
Genres Nu metal, alternative metal
Years active 2004–2007, 2009–2011
Labels Rock Ridge Music
Associated acts
Past members Chris Volz
Ivan Arnold
Aaron Welenken
Jason Chandler
Ben Patrick
Alex Cando
Ronny Paige
Dave Crabtree
Aaron Fishel
Jamison Lee

Five.Bolt.Main was an American nu metal band from Louisville, Kentucky. The band is notable for featuring Flaw vocalist Chris Volz.


Debut album and live albums (2004–2007)[edit]

Five.Bolt.Main came together after Flaw was dropped from Universal Records in 2004. Chris Volz met with Ivan Arnold and Ben Patrick – whom both were part of Flaw prior to their breakthrough album Through the Eyes in 2001. At the time, both Ivan and Ben were in a project called Silent Q, which by the time Flaw disbanded, had enough material written to put an album together. Silent Q included guitarists Aaron Welenken and Jason Chandler. At this point Volz joined the band, which was tentatively titled "Vent", but was later changed to Five.Bolt.Main due to legal reasons. Within 7 months the band had scored themselves a record deal with independent label Rock Ridge Music.

Five.Bolt.Main's debut album Venting was released on September 13, 2005. The band went through several lineup changes since its release. Roughly a month after the album debuted, members Jason Chandler, Ben Patrick, and Aaron Weleken left the group. Rock Ridge Music claimed "musical differences" and "unforeseen rigors of the road" as the reasons for leaving.[citation needed] However, the exiting members cited Chris Volz's alcohol and drug abuse.[1] Kobie Jackson (Primer 55), Alex Cando (Darwin's Waiting Room), and Ronny Paige were recruited to fill in, with Alex and Ronny later staying on a permanent basis. To date, the album has sold nearly 25,000 copies which some would consider to be a decent amount due to the lack of exposure the band had.

June 2006 also saw the departure of Ivan Arnold, who left the group due to growing personal differences with Volz, following a well-publicized onstage dispute with the vocalist at Club Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland.[2] Five.Bolt.Main's remaining tour dates were canceled, after attempts by remaining members and Rock Ridge to find a replacement drummer fell through.

On October 10, 2006, Rock Ridge released Live, which was recorded in Louisville during their 2006 tour.

Unreleased material, reunion and break up (2007–present)[edit]

Plans to release a compilation, titled Complete, were in the works, though no substantive new material had been recorded by the band except the pre-production demos of the songs "Just My Luck" and "Blackout" that were co-produced by Chris Henderson, guitarist of 3 Doors Down, in his recording studio in Biloxi, Mississippi. Regardless, Rock Ridge released Complete in 2008 despite the fact that most members of the band had not consented to its release, citing poor sound quality.[3]

In February 28, 2007, a press release from Rock Ridge Music stated that Five.Bolt.Main had disbanded, and Chris Volz would release a solo album in the fall of 2007.[4]

After the breakup, members went their own ways. Alex Cando and Chris Volz started to play with Flaw again, although Alex eventually left Flaw and started playing bass with "Silence is Broken". Ronny Paige moved on to start the band Forever Oeuvre while taking on hired gun jobs for such bands as Rev Theory and Fuel.

In late 2009, Ivan Arnold and Alex Cando reformed the band with new members as confirmed on their Facebook and Myspace pages.

In late 2011, Chris Volz announced that he will be working on Five.Bolt.Main material.[1] As of 2014, no new material has been released.

Former members[edit]

  • Chris Volz - vocals
  • Ivan Arnold – drums
  • Ben Patrick – bass
  • Aaron Welenken – guitar
  • Jason Chandler – guitar
  • Alex Cando – bass
  • Ronnie Page - guitar / vocals
  • Dave Crabtree - guitar
  • Kobie Jackson - guitar / vocals (touring member only)


Date of Release Title Label
Sep 13, 2005 Venting Rock Ridge

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Live (2006)
  • Complete (2008)


Year Song US Hot 100 U.S. Modern Rock U.S. Mainstream Rock Album
2005 "Pathetic" - - - Venting
2006 "The Gift" - - #38 Venting
2006 "Seem To Be Fine" - - - Venting


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