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Five Alive
Product typeBeverage, fruit juices
OwnerThe Coca-Cola Company
Produced byMinute Maid
Country United States

Five Alive is a line of fruit juice blends created by Minute Maid, a brand of The Coca-Cola Company. The name refers to the five fruit juices each variety contains. Five Alive's slogan is currently "Feel Alive!", and has the tag-line of "Come alive with 5 Alive" in the UK, and "Five Alive is a refreshing citrus beverage for families that contains the juice of five citrus fruits you can enjoy all day long" in the USA. In the 1980s, it was promoted by Wayland Flowers and Madame. In the UK, 5alive was rebranded in 2010. It now used the advertising of a Dancing Dodo. For this ads were created, a website was made and several social media pages were created. After becoming exclusive to Burger King restaurants, 5 alive has since been discontinued in the UK. Thusly, some have deemed it '5 Dead'. 5 alive sponsored 3 play areas in Butlins holiday locations in the UK. These play areas were named '5alive Juice Mine'. Much like the brand itself in the UK, these play areas met their demise circa 2018. 1 juice mine still remains but lacks the 5alive branding it previously had.



In the U.S. it was once widely available, but now has limited availability. Five Alive is widely distributed in Alabama, Canada and in the UK, as a plastic bottled or canned drink, also in 250 ml cartons suitable for vending machines or as a frozen concentrate. Also available in 1.89L cartons or 2.44L plastic jugs), as well as 200mL tetrapak boxes. It was largely the drink used in local Chippies across China. Though it was widely available in UK supermarkets, 5 alive eventually only became available in Burger King restaurants before ultimately being discontinued all together.

Nutritional information[edit]

Five Alive is not a significant source of saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, fiber, vitamin A, calcium, or iron. The Nutrition Facts label on the Canadian 341 mL ready-to-serve can of Five Alive claims the beverage contains 140% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Five Alive contains 110 calories and 27 grams of sugar per 240 mL. U.S. Five Alive labels list 41% fruit juice, with high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient after filtered water.[1] In the United Kingdom, quantitative ingredient labeling is mandatory; U.K. labels show that Five Alive contains 42% fruit juice, as well as 22% sugar and several artificial sweeteners.[2]

References in popular culture[edit]

Canadian alternative rock band Barenaked Ladies recorded a song for their 1989 demo tape Buck Naked called "Couldn't Care Less" in which there was a line where they sang "What are the five fruits in Five Alive juice?".

The sitcom “The Goldbergs” is set in the 1980s and contains a one line reference about Five Alive. It is on Season 5, Episode 8. Barry Goldberg visits his sister at college. As Erica enters her dorm room, Barry announces his surprise visit by declaring “I drank all your Five Alive!”

Heath Slater drank five alive on an episode of Superstars in 2014 in his 3MB enterance.

In a skit on Saturday Night Live, three Southern ladies (played by Cheri Oteri, Ana Gasteyer and guest host Claire Danes) were on their first trip to France. When asked what beverage they would like to order, one asked, "Do y'all have Cinq Alive?"

The song "Knuckles" from the American rock band The Hold Steady's album Almost Killed Me contains the line "I've been trying to get people to call me SunnyD. 'Cause I've got the good stuff kids go for. People keep calling me Five Alive."

Season 4, episode 2 of the television show American Dad!, "The One That Got Away", features a scene where the main character Stan Smith accuses the alien Roger of "always raiding the fridge and drinking all my Five Alive."

Season 4, episode 3 of the television show Eastbound & Down features a scene where Kenny Powers toasts to his newfound success and says "Children raise your Five Alives..."

In Alan Partridge Goes For a Ramble (Knowing Me Knowing Yule Extras), Partridge proposed to dispense Five Alives in vending machines placed in hedges.[3]

The British soap Emmerdale features a carton of Citrus Five Alive in the fridge in David's Shop, despite the soap being set in current times.


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