Five Corners, Newark

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St. Stephen's Church, a Five Corners landmark

Five Corners is an unincorporated community and neighborhood within the city of Newark in Essex County, New Jersey, United States. It is the local name of an intersection of five streets in the Ironbound section of Newark, including Wilson Avenue, Merchant Street, Ferry Street (the Ironbound's best-known street) and East Ferry Street, the latter two being part of the route of the former Lincoln Highway.

In film[edit]

In Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds, this is the location where an alien tripod is first revealed, by breaking through and rising over the street, as a large crowd of people watch, including Tom Cruise's character. The machine then murders several people and obliterates almost everything in sight with its Heat Ray before moving on.

Coordinates: 40°43′41″N 74°09′20″W / 40.72806°N 74.15556°W / 40.72806; -74.15556