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Coordinates: 36°39′54.36″N 117°0′30.96″E / 36.6651000°N 117.0086000°E / 36.6651000; 117.0086000

Five Dragon Spring Pool
Pavilion at the edge of a spring pool in the Five Dragon Pool Park

The Five Dragon Pool (Chinese: ; pinyin: Lóng Tán) is a culturally significant pond fed by artesian karst springs in the city of Jinan, Shandong Province, China. It is one of the best known springs among the 72 famous springs of Jinan.

The spring that supplies the water for the Five Dragon Pool belongs to a group of springs that also contains 28 other springs, such as the Tianjing Spring, Seventy-three Spring, Ximizhi Spring, Dongmizhi Spring, Yueya Spring, Jing Spring, and the Congming Spring.[1] The water of the Five Dragon Spring originates from the deepest circulation of all the springs in Jinan City.[2]

Legend links the Five Dragon Pool to the Tang Dynasty general Qin Shubao, whose residence is said to have stood at the site. According to the legend, the spring pool formed after torrential rains that submersed Qin Shubao's home.[3]

In 1985, the Five Dragon Pool Public Park (Chinese: ; pinyin: Wǔ Lóng Tán Gōng Yuán) was established and the garden landscape surrounding the springs was restored[1]

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The Five Dragon Pool is located to the west of the historical city center of Jinan and to the north of the Baotu Spring. The street address of the park is No. 18 Kuangshi Street, Shizhong District, Jinan City, People's Republic of China.[1]

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