Five Guns to Tombstone

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Five Guns to Tombstone
Directed by Edward L. Cahn
Produced by Robert E. Kent
Edward Small (executive)
Written by Richard Schayer
Jack De Witt
Based on story by Arthur Orloff
Starring James Brown
Walter Coy
Gregg Palmer
Edited by Bernard Small
Zenith Pictures
Distributed by United Artists
Release date
Running time
71 mins
Country USA
Language English

Five Guns to Tombstone is a 1960 Western film.[1]


Young outlaw Billy Wade, determined to reform, is roped into a robbery by rich businessman George Landon, then framed for it. Billy's brother Matt is sprung from prison by Landon on the condition he get Billy to go along with the theft. During a struggle for a gun, Matt is accidentally killed and his teenaged son Ted and others mistakenly believe Billy killed him in cold blood. Billy pretends to help bandit Ike Garvey but ultimately assists in his capture, earning Ted's forgiveness.


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