Five Men Live

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Five Men Live
Talisman Five-men-live.jpg
Live album by Talisman
Released March, 2005
Genre Hard rock
Length CD #1: 74:56 and CD #2: 48:41
Label Frontiers Records
Producer Talisman
Talisman chronology
Cats and Dogs
Five Men Live

Five Men Live is a Talisman live record a part of a double package that Frontiers Records released with the band.

Track listing[edit]

Track List CD1: Live at Stockholm, Sweden on August 4, 2003.

  1. "Break Your Chains"
  2. "Colour My XTC"
  3. "Fabricated War"
  4. "Mysterious"
  5. "Skin on Skin"
  6. "Tears in the Sky"
  7. "Crazy"
  8. "In Make Believe"
  9. "Scream of Anger"
  10. "If Only You Would Be My Friend"
  11. "Break It Down Again"
  12. "I'll Be Waiting"
  13. "NJBBWD"
  14. "Outta My Way"
  15. "Fredrik Åkesson Solo"
  16. "Standing on Fire"
  17. "I Don't Know" (Ozzy Osbourne's cover)

Track List CD2: Live at Sweden Rock Festival in June 2003

  1. "Break Your Chains"
  2. "Color My XTC"
  3. "Fabricated War"
  4. "Tears in the Sky"
  5. "Crazy"
  6. "Break It Down Again"
  7. "Mysterious (This Time It's Serious)"
  8. "Standing on Fire"
  9. "In Make Believe"
  10. "I'll Be Waiting"