Five Mountains of Korea

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The Five Mountains of Korea (Korean오악; Hanja五嶽; RROak) are five renowned mountains in Korean culture:

Joseon era[edit]

Kumgang-san, Myohyang-san, and Paektu-san are under North Korean control, while Samgak-san (renamed Bukhan-san) and Jiri-san are under South Korean control.[1]

Silla era[edit]

In Silla times, these mountains were considered as guardians of the country, so ceremonial rituals were held by these mountains. All of these mountains are within South Korea.[2]

Five Peaks of Gyeonggi[edit]

These five mountains are considered as "the representative peaks of Gyeonggi-do". All of them are in South Korea, except Song'ak-san which is in North Korean territory.

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