Five O'Clock Charlie

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Five O'Clock Charlie
Origin Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Genres rock/pop
Years active 2001 (2001)–2007 (2007)
Past members Craig Schram
Steve Tchir
Dave Meagher
Trevor Belley

Five O'Clock Charlie was a Canadian pop/rock band from Edmonton, Ontario.


Five O'Clock Charlie was formed in 2001 . It was originally a side project of singer/songwriter Craig Schram's ska/punk band, Tunuki; Schram was joined by Tunuki guitarist Steve Tchir. In 2002 Dave Meagher joined the band on drums and glockenspiel, and in the same year Trevor Belley joined the band on bass guitar.

In 2002 the band released an EP titled 'Redtown'. Its debut full-length album, Five O'Clock, was released in 2004, and their song "Five O'Clock" appeared on local radio charts.[1]

short playing EP. dubbed 'Watercolours' by local media followed in 2007.[2]

Five O'Clock Charlie disbanded in 2007 shortly after the release of their EP. 'Watercolours'.[3] In December 2007 Five O'Clock Charlie played a farewell show at the Pawnshop in Edmonton, Alberta with Edmonton rockers, Mark Birtles Project. Five O'Clock Charlie covered Little Bones by Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip.