Five Pagoda Temple (Hohhot)

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Five Pagoda Temple
Precious Pagoda of the Buddhist Relics of the Diamond Throne
Five Pagoda Temple, Huhhot, Inner Mongolia.JPG
Temple of the Five Pagodas in Hohhot
Five Pagoda Temple (Hohhot) is located in Inner Mongolia
Five Pagoda Temple (Hohhot)
Location in Inner Mongolia
Geographic coordinates40°47′55″N 111°39′27″E / 40.79861°N 111.65750°E / 40.79861; 111.65750Coordinates: 40°47′55″N 111°39′27″E / 40.79861°N 111.65750°E / 40.79861; 111.65750

The Five Pagoda Temple (Chinese: ; pinyin: ; Mongolian: Tabun suburγan-u süm-e), also known as the "Precious Pagoda of the Buddhist Relics of the Diamond Throne" (Chinese: ; pinyin: Jīngāngzuò Shè Bǎo), is a Buddhist temple in the city of Hohhot in Inner Mongolia in north-west China. It is located in the older part of the city in the vicinity of Qingcheng Park.

The construction of the pagoda by the Mongol monk Yangcarci began in 1727 and was completed in 1732.[1][2]

The stupa, which is situated at the northernmost part of the temple complex, is surmounted by five pagodas and has 1,563 images of Buddhas carved into its walls each one differing slightly from the other. Against the northern wall, outside the stupa, one can find three large stone carvings representing:

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There are a total of six temples in the style of a "diamond throne pagoda" in China (Five Pagoda Temples). The other five temples are:


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