Five Pieces for String Quartet (Schulhoff)

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The "Fünf Stücke für Streichquartett" or "Five Pieces for String Quartet" is a suite of five musical pieces by Czech composer Erwin Schulhoff. The work contains stylistic connections to both a baroque dance suite and to other pieces composed by the Second Viennese School. The piece premiered on 8 August 1924 at the International Society for New Music Festival in Salzburg, and was dedicated to Darius Milhaud.[1]


Each of the pieces evokes a different style of dance music:[1]

  • Piece 1: Viennese Waltz
  • Piece 2: Serenade
  • Piece 3: Czech folk music
  • Piece 4: Tango
  • Piece 5: Tarantella


Robin Holloway described the work as a "parody and debunking", similar to later works by Aaron Copland and Benjamin Britten.[2]


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