Five Races Under One Union (Manchukuo)

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Five Races Under One Union
Flag of Manchukuo.svg
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 五族協和
Simplified Chinese 五族协和
Korean name
Hangul 오족협화
Hanja 五族協和
Japanese name
Kanji 五族協和
Hiragana ごぞくきょうわ

Five Races Under One Union (Chinese: 五族協和, Japanese: 五族協和) was used as a national motto in Manchukuo, for the five races of the Manchus, the Japanese, the Han, the Mongols and the Koreans. It was similar to the "Five Races Under One Union" (Chinese: 五族共和) motto used by the Republic of China, for the Han, Manchus, Hui, Mongols and Tibetans, but the third of the four Chinese characters was changed from Togetherness (Chinese: ) to Cooperation (Chinese: ). Both mottoes were pronounced the same "Go zoku kyōwa" in Japanese.

This motto was symbolized in the national flag of Manchukuo, as the yellow base color (Manchus) with four striped colors in the upper left corner: red (Japanese), blue (Han Chinese), white (Mongols) and black (Koreans).[1]

Publicity of Chanan self-government 
Manchukuo's postage stamp of Five Races Under One Union 
'Japan-China-Manchukuo co-assistance, the world peace' 
A 1 Yuan Banknote issued by the Central Bank of Manchou 
Manchukuo's Admiral Flag 

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