Five Star (film)

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Five Star
Directed by Susi Ganeshan
Produced by Mani Ratnam
G. Srinivasan
Written by Susi Ganeshan
Starring Prasanna
Music by Sriram Parasuram
Anuradha Sriram
Cinematography Ravi Varman
Edited by A. Sreekar Prasad
Release date
4 October 2002
Country India
Language Tamil

Five Star is an Indian Tamil film released in 2002.It was directed by Susi Ganeshan.


The story focuses on five friends Prabu, Elango, Sundar, Indra and Priya at the Madras Institute of Technology, who want to remain friends throughout their lifespan and hope to join the same company after graduation. During a vacation Elango, goes home where he is forced to get married to his rustic cousin, Eshwari by his tough disciplinarian father. Once back to college he hides the fact about his marriage to his friends but later the marriage becomes public when relatives of Eshwari come to visit Elango. While their dream to work together becomes true, Elango alone gets a transfer to Bombay. The friends fight but later reunites back. Before Elango goes Bombay the friends force him to visit his wife and put him on a train. But Elango manages to get off the train and from there loses touch with his friends and family in the village.

The friends part and six years later Prabu and Sundar come back to join Priya and Indra in Chennai. On the train journey back, Prabu meets Elango's wife Eashwari. Prabu falls in love with Eashwari without realizing who she is. Eventually he along with his friends finds out the truth about Eashwari, who is waiting with hopes of her husband to return. The four friends decided to help Eshwari find the whereabouts of Elango. One day Prabu finds out that Elango might be in Switzerland. Prabu decides to go to Switzerland. One fine day he finds Elango but to his shocks Elango has a kid and is married to an Swiss woman. Meanwhile, in India Elango's dad commit suicide. Prabu goes back to India and there he comes to know that everyone knows about Elango's marriage.

Eshwari decides to get married again and move on with life rather than thinking about Elango. Her village people decides to marry her off to one of her relative but she threatens them telling them off that she would decide her own life and no one is going control her life anymore. The story ends with all the four friends and their husbands and wife along with Eshwari enjoining day off at the beach.



The film was earlier set to be titled Pepsi, with Madhavan in a lead role.[1] Susi Ganeshan, an erstwhile assistant director of Mani Ratnam announced this film in 2001 and finished in between production delays of his long-delayed film Virumbugiren.

For the heroine, Susi Ganeshan spotted her on a magazine cover page and insisted on her performing the lead female role in his second feature film. Divya eventually entered the Film industry, accepting the offer, while her name was changed to Kanika. She completed the entire film during her summer holidays, since she was a student.[2] Prasanna who was doing college at that time saw an ad on Vijay TV that Madras Talkies was auditioning for newcomers, he applied and got selected.[3] For other lead roles, Karthik, the son of a Tirupur businessman, Krishna, an earlier assistant to director Rajiv Menon, Sandhya, a model and also a former Ms.Chennai, and Mangaikarasi, a dancer based in Sweden. the film marked the debut of cameraman Ravi Varman in Tamil cinema. Singer Anuradha Sriram and her husband Sriram Parasuram made their debut as music directors with this film.[4]

The film had a 10-day shooting schedule at the M.I.T. College where Susi Ganesan had studied, followed by a 15-day schedule in Switzerland where some scenes and two songs were shot.


Music composed by Sriram Parasuram and Anuradha Sriram.

Song Artist(s)
Thiru Thiruda Srinivas, Sujatha
Sunday Karthik, Mathangi, Nitish, Jayashree, Arsith
Engirindhu Vandhayada Chandana Bala
Engalukku Instrumental
Rayile Unnikrishnan
Five Star Anuradha Sriram, Shubha Mudgal, Timmy, Chinmayi
Engalukku Devan, Kanika