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Five Steez is an independent underground Hip Hop artiste from Kingston, Jamaica.[1] He began making a name for himself with the release of his mixtape, 'The Momentum: Volume One', with Bronx, New York-based DJ Ready Cee, in December 2010.[2] He then followed up with 'The Momentum: Volume Two' in October 2011 [3] and finally released his debut album, 'War for Peace', in August 2012.[4] The album was well received by Hip Hop websites [5] as well as the Jamaican print media,[2] which labelled it an unexpected landmark release from Jamaica.[6] In October 2014, he released his EP, 'These Kingston Times', to equally rave reviews,[7] followed by 2016's EP, 'HeatRockz'. He also organized Kingston, Jamaica's premier Hip Hop event, Pay Attention,[8] from 2012 - 2015, with the local Hip Hop collective, The Council, of which he is one-fourth.[9] In 2019, he will return with the album, 'Love N Art'.



  • 2012: War for Peace


  • 2013: War for Peace (Remix EP)
  • 2014: These Kingston Times
  • 2016: HeatRockz (w/ Mordecai)


  • 2010: The Momentum: Volume One (w/ DJ Ready Cee)
  • 2011: Yard Rebel (w/ DJ MadLogic)
  • 2011: The Momentum: Volume Two (w/ DJ Ready Cee)
  • 2016: The Momentum: Volume Three (w/ DJ Ready Cee)

with The Council

  • 2016: Forgotten Parables (EP)
  • 2017: Nothing Else Matters (Album)


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