Five Ways, Paddington

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Coordinates: 33°52′56″S 151°13′42″E / 33.88227°S 151.22827°E / -33.88227; 151.22827

Royal Hotel

Five Ways is a junction of streets at the heart of Paddington, Sydney, Australia, situated three hundred metres north of Oxford Street. The junction is formed by the intersection of Glenmore Road, Goodhope Street, Heeley Street and Broughton Street. There are numerous cafes, shops and bars in the area.

At the intersection there is a variety of 19th- and 20th-century buildings, including the Royal Hotel (1888), built in a mixture of Classical and Victorian styles.

Streets in the area[edit]

  • Heeley Street
  • Glenmore Road
  • Goodhope Street
  • Broughton Street
  • Glen Street
  • Bates Avenue


  • The Royal Hotel
  • Christos
  • A Fish Called Paddo
  • Heeley Street Espresso
  • Mic's
  • Gusto
  • Vamps
  • Eat Thai
  • Thomas Dux Grocer
  • Tiger Mottle

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