Five pounds (British coin)

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Five pounds
United Kingdom
Value 5 pounds sterling
Mass 28.28 g
Diameter 38.61 mm
Thickness 2.89 mm
Edge Milled, with an inscription
Composition Cupro-nickel
(75% Cu, 25% Ni)
Silver (.925 Sterling Silver)
Years of minting 1990-present
Design Queen Elizabeth II
Designer Ian Rank-Broadley
Design date 1998
Design No standard reverse design; the design varies each year with the event being commemorated

The British five pound (£5) coin is a commemorative denomination of the pound sterling. Its obverse has featured the profile of Queen Elizabeth II since the coin’s introduction in 1990. Two different portraits of the Queen have graced the coin, with the latest design by Ian Rank-Broadley being introduced in 1998. The coin has no standard reverse; instead it is altered each year to commemorate important events. Variant obverses have also been used on occasion.

The coin is a continuation of the crown, which after decimalisation become the commemorative twenty-five pence coin. The twenty-five pence was discontinued in 1981 after creating a large coin with such small value became prohibitively expensive. The five pound coin shares the same dimensions as the twenty-five pence coin but has a value twenty times greater.

Five pound coins are legal tender but are intended as souvenirs and are rarely seen in circulation.[1] The coins are sold by the Royal Mint at face value and also, with presentation folders, at a premium to that face value. The 2010 coins, with such folders, were sold for £9.95 each.[2]


The design which have appeared on the five pound coin's reverse are summarised in the table below.

Year Event Design[3] Edge Inscription Designer
1990 The Queen Mother's 90th Birthday A cypher in the letter E in duplicate, above a royal crown flanked by a rose and a thistle all within the inscription QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER and the dates 1900-1990 - Leslie Durbin
1993 The Queen's Coronation 40th Anniversary St Edward's Crown encircled by forty trumpets all within the inscription FAITH AND TRUTH I WILL BEAR UNTO YOU and the anniversary dates 1953-1993 - Robert Elderton
1996 The Queen's 70th Birthday A representation of Windsor Castle with five flag poles, two holding forked pennants with anniversary dates of 1926 and 1996, the other flags are Royal Arms, Union flag and Our Personal flag - Avril Vaughan
1997 Golden Wedding Anniversary of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh A pair of Shields, chevronwise, on the left, Shield of Our Royal Arms, on the right, Shield of Prince Philip, above a Royal Crown and the date 20 NOVEMBER, below an anchor cabled and FIVE POUNDS - Leslie Durbin
1998 Prince Charles' 50th Birthday A portrait of Prince Charles and in the background words relating to the work of The Prince's Trust. A circumscription of FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY OF HRH PRINCE OF WALES and below FIVE POUNDS flanked by anniversary dates of 1948 and 1998 - Michael Noakes/Robert Elderton
1999 Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Crown A portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales with the dates 1961 and 1997, circumscription IN MEMORY OF DIANA PRINCESS OF WALES and the value FIVE POUNDS - David Cornell
1999 Millennium Crown A representation of a dial of a clock, hands set at 12 o'clock with a map of the British Isles and the dates 1999 and 2000 and the words ANNO DOMINI and the value FIVE POUNDS WHAT'S PAST IS PROLOGUE Jeffrey Matthews
2000 The Queen Mother's 100th Birthday A portrait of the Queen Mother,flanked by groups of people with the circumscription QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER, the anniversary dates 1900-2000. Below the portrait a representation of her signature. - Ian Rank-Broadley
2001 Death of Queen Victoria 100th Anniversary A representation of Crystal Palace within the value FIVE POUNDS, stylised railway lines in the shape of a V incorporating a portrait of Queen Victoria, remnant of the words ONE PENNY and anniversary dates of 1901 and 2001 - Mary Milner-Dickens
2002 Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II A portrait of the Queen with the value FIVE POUNDS below - Ian Rank-Broadley
2002 Queen Mother Memorial Crown A portrait of the Queen Mother encircled by a wreath and with the circumscription QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER and the dates 1900-2002 STRENGTH DIGNITY LAUGHTER Avril Vaughan
2003 The Queen's Coronation 50th Anniversary GOD SAVE THE QUEEN in the centre surrounded by the words CORONATION JUBILEE FIVE POUNDS and the anniversary date 2003 - Tom Phillips
2004 Entente Cordiale between Great Britain and France 100th Anniversary Combined figures of Britannia and Marianne, with the words ENTENTE CORDIALE and the anniversary dates 1904 and 2004 - David Gentleman
2005 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar Design features HMS Victory & Termeraire in battle surrounded by inscription TRAFALGAR and the dates 1805 & 2005 - Clive Duncan
2005 200th Anniversary of the death of Horatio Nelson A portrait of Horatio Nelson and the dates 1805 & 2005 ENGLAND EXPECTS EVERYMAN TO DO HIS DUTY James Butler
2006 The Queen's 80th Birthday Three trumpets with trumpet banners accompanied by the inscription 1926 VIVAT REGINA 2006 DUTY SERVICE FAITH Danuta Solowiej-Wedderburn
2007 Diamond Wedding Anniversary of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh The rose window of Westminster Abbey accompanied by the inscription TVEATVR VNITA DEVS, the dates 1947 and 2007, and the denomination FIVE POUNDS MY STRENGTH AND STAY Emma Noble
2008 450th Anniversary of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth I A portrait of Queen Elizabeth I crowned and set within a mandorla. A rose has been placed at each connecting point while the two side arches each contain a leaf pattern reminiscent of the carvings made by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. The year of her accession and the year of the anniversary are both shown in Roman numerals. I HAVE REIGNED WITH YOUR LOVES Rod Kelly
2008 Prince Charles' 60th Birthday A portrait of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales SIXTIETH BIRTHDAY Ian Rank-Broadley
2009 500th Anniversary of the Accession of Henry VIII - - John Bergdahl
2009 Countdown to 2012: 3 Two swimmers, and countdown number '3'. The words COUNTDOWN above and XXX OLYMPIAD below; the London 2012 logo on the left, the date 2009 on the right. - Claire Aldridge
2010 350th Anniversary of the Restoration of the Monarchy - - David Cornell
2010 Countdown to 2012: 2 Two runners, and countdown number '2'. The words COUNTDOWN above and XXX OLYMPIAD below; the London 2012 logo on the left, the date 2010 below the image. - Claire Aldridge
2011 90th Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh - - Mark Richards
2011 Countdown to 2012: 1 Cyclist, and countdown number '1'. The words COUNTDOWN above and XXX OLYMPIAD below; the London 2012 logo on the right, the date 2011 on the left. - Claire Aldridge
2011 Royal Wedding - - Mark Richards
2012 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II - - Ian Rank-Broadley
2012 Countdown to 2012 Three medallists on a podium. The words COUNTDOWN above and XXX OLYMPIAD below; the London 2012 logo on the right, the date 2012 above the image. - Claire Aldridge
2012 Olympic Games London skyline with the inscription LONDON 2012 above, surrounded by a selection of sporting images, and the London 2012 logo at the top. - Saiman Miah
2012 Paralympic Games Segments of a target, a spoked wheel, a stopwatch and the clock-face of the Palace of Westminster. The inscription LONDON 2012 is upper left, and London 2012 Paralympic logo is lower left. - Pippa Sanderson
2013 60th Anniversary of the Queen's Coronation - - Emma Noble
2013 The Royal Christening of HRH Prince George of Cambridge - - -
2014 The 300th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Anne - - Mark Richards
2015 The 50th Anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill - - Mark Richards
2015 The 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo - - David Lawrence
2015 The Royal Birth of HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge - - John Bergdahl
2015 The Queen becomes longest-reigning monarch in UK history Coronation Crown with the dates 1952 and 2015 either side of the top of the crown. ONE CROWN underneath the crown. LONG TO REIGN OVER US (silver Proof & gold Proof only) James Butler
2016 The Queen's 90th Birthday - - Christopher Hobbs
2017 The 1000th Anniversary of the Coronation of King Canute - - Lee R. Jones
2017 Sapphire Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II - - Glyn Davies
2017 Centennial of the House of Windsor - - Timothy Noad
2017 Retirement of the Duke of Edinburgh A portrait of the Duke, with HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH above and NON SIBI SED PATRIAE ("Not for himself but for his country") below. - Humphrey Paget
2017 Remembrance Day - - Stephen Taylor
2017 Platinum Wedding Anniversary of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh - - John Bergdahl
2017 The Christmas Tree 2017 - - Edina Ellis
2017 The Queen's Beasts: The Lion of England - - Jody Clark
2017 The Queen's Beasts: The Unicorn of Scotland - - Jody Clark
2018 The Queen's Beasts: The Red Dragon of Wales - - Jody Clark


In 2014 a colour-printed Alderney coin, designed by engraver Laura Clancy, was issued to commemorate Remembrance Day.[4]

In 2015 the 600th Anniversary of Battle of Agincourt Alderney silver coin, designed by Glyn Davies, was issued.


  • 1990 ~ 2,761,431
  • 1991-1992 ~ none
  • 1993 ~ 1,834,655
  • 1994-1995 ~ none
  • 1996 ~ 2,396,100
  • 1997 ~ 1,733,000
  • 1998 ~ 1,407,300
  • 1999 ~ 5,396,300
  • 2000 ~ 3,147,092
  • 2001 ~ 851,491
  • 2002 ~ 3,687,882
  • 2003 ~ 1,307,147
  • 2004 ~ 1,205,594
  • 2005 ~ 1,075,516


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