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The Five Southernmost Capes refer to the five[clarification needed] geographically southern mainland points on the earth. Round the world sailors often use these five points as goals, although South East Cape can be avoided by taking a short-cut through the Bass Strait, which is the sea strait separating Tasmania from the south of the Australian mainland. Kay Cottee was the first female sailor to sail single-handed, non-stop below the Five Southernmost Capes.[1]

The Capes[edit]

Cape Location Coordinates Notes
Cape Froward Chile 53°56′00″S 71°20′00″W / 53.93333°S 71.33333°W / -53.93333; -71.33333 (Cape Froward) Southernmost point on the mainland of South America
Cape Horn Chile 55°58′47″S 067°16′18″W / 55.97972°S 67.27167°W / -55.97972; -67.27167 (Cape Horn) Often incorrectly referred to as the southernmost point of South America
Cape Agulhas South Africa 34°50′00″S 20°00′09″E / 34.83333°S 20.00250°E / -34.83333; 20.00250 (Cape Agulhas) Portuguese Cabo das Agulhas "Cape of Needles"; Southernmost point of Africa, and the official dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian ocean
Cape Leeuwin Australia 34°22′27″S 115°08′09″E / 34.37417°S 115.13583°E / -34.37417; 115.13583 (Cape Leeuwin) Most south-westerly mainland point of the Australian Continent, in the state of Western Australia
South East Cape Australia 43°38′37″S 146°49′39″E / 43.64361°S 146.82750°E / -43.64361; 146.82750 (South East Cape) Southernmost point of the main island of Tasmania, and also the southernmost point of the mainlands of Australia and Tasmania together
South West Cape New Zealand 47°17′23″S 167°32′17″E / 47.28972°S 167.53806°E / -47.28972; 167.53806 (South West Cape) On Stewart Island; Southernmost point of the main islands of New Zealand


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